Hello TransIP!

Having owned this domain for quite a while with the intention of setting up a blog, purely to document my advances in my homelab, I was still searching for a quick and easy way to deploy Markdown style files to a blog system. This came with a few requirements:

  • Should be able to run on a barebones PHP server as provided by my hosting service
  • Should have a minimal amount of code that can break and needs to be patched
  • As little as possible esoteric formatting needed for the Markdown blog posts
  • All data should be in files, no database to manage, easier to migrate
  • Bonus points if I can actually delve in to the code myself and have a look

One of the most important ones was being able to run the blog on my hosting providers platform, TransIP, which provides a fairly easy to use PHP system, but it is rather limited. After some searching, I found: https://github.com/bloatless/blog. It seemed quite up to the task, all easy to read code with very little overhead, indeed bloatless.

Within the TransIP SFTP file explorer I was able to almost drag and drop the entire code base into the /www/public folder. Then all that needed to be changed was the DocumentRoot to /www/public/blog/ and everything already worked.

The next order of business will be setting up a mirror of the blog in my own infrastructure with some sort of file sync option between the public site and the internal site.