Toolless drive caddies (2.5 and 3.5inch) for Dell R320, Huawei 2288Hv3 and IBM x3650 M4


I have servers from a bunch of vendors in my homelab and usually when I aquire them they come with limited caddies or sometimes even without.
These caddies are somewhat costly to buy usually, $10 (or $30 for IBM...) bucks per caddy, and I sometimes need quite a few per server.
Since I'm buying the servers because they are cheap to add to my home lab, I'm not really looking to buy expensive caddies. Moreover, these standard caddies are usually very annoying to work with, requiring screws to hold the drives. So I've designed and 3D printed caddies myself. This post contains a collection of some of the ones I should have published a long time ago, but never got around to.

I still need to put my files on Printables, but haven't gotten around to it

Some reference data

I've based my designs of the base dimensions of these form form factors. I am only targetting 4 of the screw holes on each design. HDD 2.5 dimensions HDD 3.5 dimensions

Dell R320 - Toolless SFF 2.5in caddy

For my pair of Dell R320's I did find a nice reference design on Thingiverse: HDD dell caddy 2,5'' or server DELL R630 by user legno75. However, it is a more faithfull copy of a normal design and thus uses screws. So I took his design and changed it up a bit to be toolless.


Huawei 2288Hv3

Toolless 3.5in HDD caddy

These caddies are meant for fully size HDDs. Now, for spinning rust drives I'm not sure I'd recommend this design. They obviously are more flimsy than correctly screwing in drives. But, I'm cheap and willing to take the risk. I've modeled in clips on the side that at least in PLA ensure a secure fit. "Huawei 2288Hv3 3.5in Fusion render"

Installed in my server:
"Huawei 2288Hv3 3.5in caddy close-up"

Toolless 3.5in to 2.5in caddy

Because my Huawei 2288Hv3 only has 2 SFF slots at the back of the chassis and I needed more than 2 SSDs, I also needed a way to fit them in the front 3.5in bays. Thus, I've made a little modification to my 3.5in caddy that just makes it a bit smaller and changes the holes such that it can hold an SSD. "Huawei 2288Hv3 3.5in to 2.5in SFF Fusion render"

Toolless 2.5in SFF caddy

For the two back bays in the Fusion server I've created a model with a litte pull tab, otherwise I found they are kinda hard to get out. huawei-2288hv3-sff2.5in-fusion-topright

IBM/Lenovo x3650 M4 - Toolless SFF 2.5in caddy

Published on Thingiverse Based on the 00E7600 IBM/SFF drive caddy formfactor. One annoying thing about the design of this one is that at the 'back'/connector end of the caddy, it needs these 'humps' to correctly hit the PCB. Without those the caddy won't properly align in the slot. "IBM M4 SFF Fusion render

Some extra images: